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Including Corporations

on June 8, 2012

Summary of remarks given by Rebecca Henderson – Prof at Harvard Business School

One more element to the puzzle – the corporation.

How do we transform the corporation for the great opportunity and great challenge we face? Transformation is preferred to leveling the corporations for two reasons – they are very powerful, and they are very efficient. They have been chewing up the planet, but doing it very efficiently.

In order to work with corporations, we need prices on important things like water, resources, and water. This requires a Good State, as Simms said. It is important that progressives be clear they are not saying “we” should be running the economy, or that the state should be running it, but that we need an economy in balance. Corporations perceived as out of control are often run by men and women very concerned about the communities where they operate. It is not a pipe dream to look for corporations that are run through enlightened self-interest – to make money by running corporations in the interest of our children, and communities, and shareholders, and

If we can call on our deepest values and hopes for the future, combined with hard headed realism about what we need to run the economy for 8 or 9 billion people, we can make it happen.

All it takes is years of blood sweat and toil.

Her class “reimagining capitalism” class at Harvard Business school now has 200 students!


One response to “Including Corporations

  1. Christopher says:

    Rebbeca is deeply wrong. Corporations are essentially non democratic and it is to be proved that they can be efficient in the environment of a New Economy. Most probably, new types of organizations will be needed and will rise together with the decline of the old ones.

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